Lord of the Dead

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I keep hearing people on the teevee rant about “forced diversity” and “PC fascism” and it makes me wonder how these alternate-universe broadcasts are reaching me here in this world where John Constantine has to be straight and pharaohs are being played by squinty Australian white guys.

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So, my dash did a thing…

So, my dash did a thing…

1997 Explains "How To Cybersex" In Glorious, NSFW Instructional Video


a black widow prequel would literally be the most interesting movie like

red room??????

a young girl distinguishing herself in the deadliest way possible?????

intertwining cold war history?????

watching an entire regime topple and natalia romanova walking away?????

How about having a Black Widow prequel that is set up by the Agent Carter TV series?

Going from the end of WW2, to the foundation of S.H.I.E.L.D to the rise of Russia as a Communist state, to The Cold War, with the series ending as Carter discovers a Russian training camp for children…

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How dogs react to human barking

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wiseacrewhimsy asked: Multiples of five!

Multiples of 5!


5) Ever had a poem or song written about me?

Not that I’m aware of, to be honest. But when I was at secondary school, I was friends with all of the stereotypical music students (the guys and gals that were “in a band” and carried acoustics guitars with them everywhere, sitting in the playing field singing Wanderwall), and they occasionally included me in the made up on the spot songs…

10) What was the last lie I told?

"I am perfectly fine with walking home"

I went out and got drunk the other night…first time since December. I was with 2 lady friends, 1 androgyn friend, and 1 as-yet-to-be-fully-decided friend.

By the end of the night it was just me, yet-to-be-decided, and 1 lady friend.

We missed the last bus home. So I spent the next hour and a half making sure the lady friend had somewhere safe to stay, then I walked yet-to-be-decided back to their place (because they were far too drunk to do so safely on their own), and then I walked the hour and 45 minute journey back to the next town over, getting back home around 3:45am.

The walk and everything was fine, it was more the fact that I missed the last bus that annoyed me. But still, good deeds, etc.

15) How do I vent my anger?

I usually don’t.

I leave it to settle in my stomach and work its way to the back of my mind, and it festers in those 2 places until it because an everyday feeling that I ignore, or I end up ranting at somebody for 10 minutes and then leaving it at that.

20) Do I believe in ghosts or aliens?

Ghosts - Nope. I used to…but then I realised there’s absolutely no evidence for their existence and just stopped.

Aliens - I don’t believe we’ve been visited by any intelligent life forms, but I do accept that there is a ridiculously high probability that alien life forms exist on another planet within this universe. I cannot comment on whether they are intelligent like us, beyond our comprehension, or just bacterium…but life has to exist elsewhere in the universe, otherwise the implication of no life in the universe is…well, beyond terrifying…

25) To me, what is the meaning of life?

To live, and learn.

Experience life however you choose to do so, as long as you do not purposefully bring harm, or cause harm, to another person.

Do whatever you want, as long as you don’t break the above rule and do not stop others from doing what they want (again, as long as they do not break the first rule).

Learn. Learn from your mistakes, learn from you success. Learn about new things, re-learn old things. Just absorb knowledge. Shift your expectations and your views based on the evidence around you. Don’t be stubborn.

30) Ever had a rumour spread about me?

Yup. So very many.

The worst would be the large number of rumours that spread around secondary school after I uttered the phrase “I think I might be Bi…”

Rumours spread of me having an affair with a 30+ year old man (I was younger than 15 at the time), that I was easy, that any male friend I had was clearly of sexual interest to me, that I couldn’t be trusted around other boys, that I shouldn’t be trusted around the younger students, etc, etc, etc.

It was even better when some of the teachers agreed…

I’ve had other rumours since then, but nothing that sticks in my memory nearly as much as the ones I had in school.

35) Am I in a relationship?


I was gunna make a joke about “leaving room for Jesus” but I realised people might take me seriously on that…but no, no relationship at the moment.

It sucks.

40) Am I the kind of friend that I would want to have as a friend?

I honestly have no idea. I can’t answer that without sounding either egotistical, or downright depressive.

That’s not up to me to decide really.

45) How can you win my heart?

Understand who I am…even if you don’t share my interests, understand them and maybe either get excited when I have something new to share, or think of me when you find something new out about the things I like.

Bring me food. Sweet things.

I guess that’s it?

50) What are my favourite colours?

As you all should be aware by now, I don’t do favourites.

But, I’m having a thing for Pink and Purple at the moment.

55) I can re-live any moment of my life, but only for 30-minutes, which moment do I pick?

There is no moment in my life that I could only spend 30-minutes in and come away satisfied.

60) Top 5 hottest celebrities?

Dwayne Johnson, Jason Momoa, Kit Harrington, Natalie Dormer, Carmen Carerra.


And there we go!

Thanks to wiseacrewhimsy for the questions!

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